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8am - 4pm
Est Size:
150 players
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Operation: Flat Green

Game Play:

Green vs Tan - Points of control checked by advisers. Once a point is deemed controlled, the advisers then give the controlling team a recovery mission for either high-value gear or a high-value target. Advisers are neutral and are responsible for giving both sides the appropriate missions as well as keeping track of the control points. They will be on either team as well as traveling between the control points. 4 points of control total. Hidden objectives will be in the center between them all.

Scenario: Border country Plattekill is caught between 2 other countries in the beginning stages of the conflict. Either side needs to secure the AO in order to set up a base for future cross-border operations. There are foreign advisers involved from an unknown place, with seemingly no one faction favored. They are however providing valuable intel when attached to a controlling faction. They are leading command to gather what resources Plattekill has in order to fully control and harvest the AO of its resources. Each faction uses uniform specific colors, even for their most top tier units, to identify themselves. This is due to the fact that the neighboring country has advanced at a very similar rate in warfare. Both sides must assume that the technology and strategy are the same, with only the uniform color being different between the troops on the field.

Single Day schedule:
700 - Game staff arrival, begin set up
800 - open for registration/ sign in
930 - safety briefing - players take the field immediately afterward

1000 - Game Begins
1600 - Game Ends
1630 - Raffle/ giveaways. Clean up begins
1730 - Game staff leaves, gates close

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January - February:
by Reservation only, 10 player min.

March - December:
Saturday & Sunday 9AM-4PM

Private Groups of 10 or more
ANYDAY with prepaid deposit.
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